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Current policy response

Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Turkey are all in various stages in the process of harmonizing their agriculture policy support to the EU Common Agricultural Policy, although at different stages. The scope of support and size of budgets vary between the countries but they all provide market support, direct payments, still mostly coupled with production as well as rural development measures.

Measures directly supporting High Nature Value (HNV) farming are not yet introduced in any of the SEE countries. HNV farming related schemes are included in all IPARD Agri-environmental measures designed in the candidate countries. However, they are not presented here mostly because the Agri-environmental measure itself is not prioritized by any of the national governments or the EC.

At the same time, there are a few noticeable examples of indirect measures, financed by national budgets that are resulting in support for HNV farming systems. An overview of the general support schemes and the HNV farming-related measures per country is provided below.

An overview of agriculture policy support related to HNV farming in selected SEE countries:

Support type Croatia Macedonia Montenegro Serbia Turkey
Direct payments X X X X X
Market support X X X X X
Rural development X X X X X
HNV farming-related  
1. Grasslands-grazing / mowing X - X pilot -
2. Local breeds X till 2009 X till 2010 ?
3. Organic, incl. grasslands X X X X X
4. Investments in HNV farms ? ? X pilot -
5. Shepherd salaries - X - pilot -
6. Training/ advisory - ? X pilot -

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