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High Nature Value Farming in South-Eastern Europe: Policy Opportunities and Challenges in view of EU Accession and CAP post-2013

SEE Regional HNV Farming Policy Workshop

Date: 3-4 November 2011
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Target Group: Agri and Env. policy makers and NGOs from SEE countries


High Nature Value Farming in South-Eastern Europe

The concept of HNV farmland is a novelty for the SEE countries. But even in the absence of detailed studies it is clear that the generally very extensive character of agriculture in these countries suggests that there are large areas of HNV farmland in a variety of farming systems. It comes as no surprise that the region is considered as the ‘green gold’ of South Eastern Europe (Plantlife) and the ‘green lungs’ of Europe (EEA).

High Nature Value Farming in South-Eastern Europe

As elsewhere in Europe HNV farming is in decline. The main reason for this negative development is the insufficient income generated by the low-intensity farming as well as the relatively low levels of support received from national support programmes (or even being envisaged under IPARD programmes), compared with more intensive farming on better land.

High Nature Value Farming in South-Eastern Europe

However, some of the countries from the region provide support which even if not labelled “HNV Farming” contributes to this type of farming systems. More targeted HNV farming support is available in their neighbours - new EU Member States.

Overall, there is a variety of HNV farming policy support experience - some of it is a good practice, some of it may not be. There is a lot to share and to learn from each other especially now that the SEE countries are on the path to EU accession and to implementing the Common Agricultural Policy support.

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Understand the importance of the SEE region in terms of farming-related biodiversity and ecosystem services in the context of HNV farming systems and areas;
  • Discuss and assess existing and planned measures which are likely to support HNV farming in SEE countries, and highlight examples of good practice;
  • Discuss the key needs, opportunities and challenges for developing and implementing targeted HNV farming policy support in view of EU accession alongside a changing CAP post-2013;
  • Provide a networking opportunity for policy makers and interested NGOs.



2 November 2011 (Wednesday) – Arrival
19.00 Evening Welcome and Dinner
3 November 2011 (Thursday)
9.30 Opening Session
  Welcome and Introduction
10.15 Session: Scene setting HNV Farming in SEE, Chair Sonja Karoglan
  The importance of SEE floral diversity – Liz Radford, Plantlife International

Main EU policy drivers: CAP and nature conservation policy – Vyara Stefanova, EFNCP

Key features and characteristics of HNV farming in SEE countries – Yanka Kazakova, EFNCP

Questions and Discussion
11.15 Coffee
11.45 Session: Country Presentations, Chair: Guy Beaufoy, EFNCP
  Review of existing and planned policy support for HNV farming with a focus on positive examples to be developed further and main gaps remaining

HNV farming and policy support in Croatia – Sonja Karoglan, Ecologica

HNV farming and policy support in Macedonia – Dimce Damjanovski, Rural Development Expert

HNV farming and policy support in Montenegro – Milan Markovic, Biotechnical Faculty
13.00 Lunch
14.30 Country Presentations cont. Chair: Darko Znaor, Avalon Foundation
  HNV farming and policy support in Serbia –Suzana Ðordevic Miloševic , Natura Balkanika

HNV farming and policy support in Turkey – Pille Koorberg, MoA
15.45 Coffee
16.15 Discussion on key opportunities and challenges for successful HNV Farming policy measures, moderated by Darko Znaor, Avalon Foundation
17.15 Wrap up of day 1
19.00 Dinner
4 November 2011 (Friday)
9.00 Session: The experience of HNV farming support in the New Member States: Best practices and main gaps in the existing policy support to HNV farming. Responses from local and regional initiatives. Chair: Vyara Stefanova, EFNCP BG
  HNV farming policy support and lessons learnt from Slovakia – Miroslava Cierna-Plassman, Daphne

HNV farming policy support and lessons learnt from Romania – Nat Page, Adept

HNV farming policy support and lessons learnt from Bulgaria – Miroslava Dikova, BSPB

Discussion: key recommendations from New Member States to SEE countries
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Session: The future, Chair: Yanka Kazakova, EFNCP BG
  Valuation of the Contribution of the Ecosystems of Sjeverni-Velebit National Park and Velebit Nature Park to Economic Growth and Human Well-being – Stella Satalic and Ivana Ivicic, WWF MedPO

The CAP post-2013 and EC Biodiversity 2020 strategy and their implications for SEE HNV farming – Guy Beaufoy, EFNCP

Discussion on key recommendations for CAP post-2013 and Biodiversity target 2020 from the perspective of SEE countries
12.30 Summary and agreement on workshop recommendations
13.00 Lunch

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