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Stara Planina Nature Park is one of Serbian centers of in-situ on farm conservation of autochthonous endnagered breeds: Domestic Mountain Pony, Balkan Donkey, Busha Cattle, Pirot Zackel Sheep, Karakachan Sheep, Bardoka Sheep, Balkan Goat, Mangalitza Pig, East Serbian Hen etc. Unfortunatelly, many of the semi-natural are abandoned due to decline in animal production, intensive migration trends, ageing of households, general poverty and collapse of agro-enterprises and cooperatives.
The ass. Agrostio-Asphodeletum albae has a restricted distribution in the Stara Planina Nature Park , but it is a very important community for biodiversity conservation. So far, this locality is found to be the only one for the whole territory of Serbia. The community is spread in the range of 1,200 and 1,400 m altitude, within the oak belt, and it occurs on soils varying in depth and moisture. The phytocoenose is primarily characterized by its edificatory species, Asphodelus albus, of typical Mediterranean origin
The traditional hadicrafts are still existing in the rural areas of Serbia, where the raw materials are used in harmony with the nature

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