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Serbia - Challenges and opportunities

As in other European countries, the most significant problems for the conservation of HNV farmland are related to the intensification of agricultural activities on the one hand and abandonment on the other. Agricultural intensification is typical for the Vojvodina region, with its huge arable units.

In contrast, the disappearance of low-input traditional production systems is typical in mountain areas; habitats degrade and biodiversity declines with the semi-natural grasslands and crop mosaics.

In a few protected areas, livestock grazing has been recognized as a measure for sustaining high-mountain pastures. As a result of this, the MoA, with assistance from a World Bank/GEF STAR project has developed a set of pilot measures to support farms in these marginal areas, providing investment aids and/or help to revitalise grazing systems. The budget for the national schemes to continue this pilot measure is insufficient, but it is crucial for the support of farmers in HNV farmland areas in future.

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Date: 2022/12/08
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