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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Policy support to HNV farming

The Ministries of Agriculture of the two entities had adopted their agriculture sector development strategies. They aim to increase the productivity and output from small-scale private farmers and private-sector agro-processors as they are critical to future sector development. They recommend supporting the intensification of small-farm agriculture, increasing investment in agro-processing, developing marketing linkages between producers and processors, strengthening rural land markets, and increasing access to credit through commercial banks, agricultural cooperatives and micro-finance organizations.

Livestock production is stressed in all national strategies, with forage production of high importance in developing the sector; opportunities for improvement of pasture resources are considerable. However, there are no specific measures or support line which directly contribute to HNV farming systems. On the contrary, it seems that they aim at across-the-board intensification without recognizing the natural values of the low-intensity farming systems.

Since 2007, the Agriculture budgets have increased significantly as compared to the previous ten year period (FMAWMF, 2011).

Funding for rural development type of measures is fluctuating seriously in the different years (2007-2010) but remains a small share of the total agricultural budget. Aside the conventional production support to the plant and livestock sectors which make up the majority of the Agriculture budget, there is also support for capital investments, a limited number of research projects, training and seminars as well as support to set up farmers organizations.

However, as in the rest of the Western Balkan countries budgets are defined on an annual basis which is a particular barrier to longer term planning and reliability of support.

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