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Albania - Policy support to HNV farming

Albanian agriculture policy support is exclusively focused on improving the modernization of the sector. The country has developed a Rural Development Strategy as well as a draft IPARD programme but none of them addresses the reality and needs of HNV farming.

There are many identified problems related to pastures in the draft IPARD programme for Albania such as:

  • poor pasture management, over-grazing and over-cutting of woods, which resulted in reduced productivity and increased erosion;
  • lack of water in summer pastures
  • limited area for winter pastures;
  • ownership problems and lack of long term leasing contracts;
  • lack of enforcement of regulations on communal/state pastures;
  • poor pasture management. However, no measures or recommendations are developed in the programme itself.

This is a key difference to other countries of the Western Balkans which have introduced at least one measure or scheme aiming to improve at least some aspects of HNV farming. In Macedonia, there is support to shepherds salaries, while in Montenegro there is support for summer transhumance.

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Date: 2021/02/25
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